Amsterdam day 3 (Amsterdam Series)

We started off our day at the museum quarter, there is an IAMSTERDAM sign there so we decided on taking some pictures there. Now let me tell you my mum thought it would be a great idea to get on the M, so my mum had to boost me up and I had to scramble up, I have never looked so unattractive in all my life. 

It was a pretty cool picture though so in the end it was all worth it, till I rembered I had to get down. I wanted to jump but my mum didn’t like that so I had to slither done the front of it, and I still managed to hurt myself. 

We had the Van Gough museum booked for eleven and his artwork was beautiful, we was not aloud to take photos so I’ll give you a little run down on some pieces I loved. First up is Avenue of Poplars in Autumn, it was a single woman walking back and she had this haunting look to her, I was entranced by it. Next is one of his many self portraits, but this one was full of vibrant colours and it was warm and then you looked closer into his eyes and he looked tortured. Last is the Spanish dancer, I loved this one as it reminded me of Camila Cabello. Who has seen the Havana music video?!!

We then went for some lunch at Vondel Park 3, it was a nice food place in Vondel Park. 

I had a tuna salad sandwich which was really nice, the bread was super filling but tasty. It had a nice atmosphere, it wasn’t too busy and it wasn’t too quiet, the waiters were lovely and super friendly. If you are ever in Vondel Park eat there, you won’t be disappointed. Plus you have the beautiful view of the park. 

Also booked was Anne Frank’s Huis which we could also not take photos in but it was better that way as you want not stuck behind a screen, you could expireince it without the constant need to snap a photo every five senconds. 

We started off in the office, then we began to slowly make our way up till we was met with the bookshelf. I was fascinated with the bookshelf as this was the very thing that kept the families away from the evil clutches of the Nazis, they were hidden in plain sight. Margot’s room was my favourite especially all the celebrities pictures she had on the wall. Then slowly we began to hear some stories, Anne’s words and everything I knew about her began to fit together. My mum said that she was wiser beyond her years and I could not agree more. Finally there was a little exhibition and loads of celebrities and people who visited the place spoke about her, including John Green.

We then sat down at a bar for a bit for some drinks just to rest as it’s tiring walking around a city all day. Then we went for dinner, are you guys ready for this! At an authentic Dutch restaurant! Called Moeders which translates at mothers I think I told you guys that before. Anyways I decided to go for a vegetarian stamppot.

Now I didn’t love what I ordered and I only ended up eating the vegetables, I don’t think Dutch food is for me as I’ve a small appetite. All the mashed potato was mixed with beetroot which is a strong flavour so if you don’t like it you won’t eat it. But moving on to some better news me and my mum decided to share a dessert, Dutch Apple Pie and omg it was amazing! It tasted so good that I even forgot about what I first ordered, I definitely recommend the pie as it is the best dessert I have ever had.

So for some reason not al my photos have loaded which is so annoying, I’m going to be posting them on my Instagram: libertysfreedomblog if you’d like to check them out. Vaarwel. 



Amsterdam Day 2 (Amsterdam Series)

Today was a long, fun and tiring day full of lots of adventures. So we started off the day with a continental breakfast, I had a crossiant and an orange nothing too filling as I have a tiny appetite. Then we started off our day, first stop The Fault In Our Stars Bench: 

This is a key part in the reason why I actually came to Amsterdam, obviously not just the bench itself. Pretty much everyone has heard of the film or the book and it is one of my favourite films/books and when the film came out I was transfixed with the place, history and canals, I knew from the moment I watched the film that I had to go and I would stop at nothing to get there. So I was lucky enough to visit the bench, it’s located on the street Leidsegracht and it has locks on it and is next to another bench, it’s easy to spot and definitely worth while if you love the film or book. 

Next up is Dam Square, now unfortunately I don’t have a picture purely because there was a huge fun fair there in Dam Square so I found it pointless too take any. Anyways it was still huge and pretty, a little disappointing as I would have liked to have seen it in its entirety but it was still a sight to behold.

Body World’s was interesting, intriguing and disgusting all at the same time. Little background for you guys in case you have not been or heard of it before, people actually donate their bodies to them to put on display: 

It’s so weird and you just can’t look away if that makes sense, I really enjoyed seeing it all though, it’s a insight in on your body. I recommend going but book! We did and we escaped quite a big queue which was lucky. It’s located on Damrak, near Dam Square so everything is in close proximity, and me and my mum meticulously planned everything and plotted it all on a map, we didn’t mess around. 

Also I picked up a card called “Your Happiness Project” and my card said “Take on a challenge this week that you have put off for a long time” so I will we thinking about that. 

We then went on to find a place to eat lunch and what I love about Amsterdam is the constant bike bells I have become accustomed to them. So whilst we were navigating the streets, watching out for the bikes and admiring the architecture we came across Amarylles a little cafe, we were all starving so we let our tummies lead us into the cafe. 

The food was really good, nothing too extravagant it was just what we was looking for. My sister ordered a waffle with whipped cream, strawberries and to top it all off some chocolate sauce it looked amazing, I would have shown you my food but I’m boring and went for some Dutch chips as I was not that hungry. The little cafe was right next to the Bloemenmarkt. 

A market full of flowers, it’s pretty and the smell is amazing.

We finished up with lunch and continued on to do a bit of shopping, now by this time we had walked up the same street twice, passed this shop multiple times and was now waking back to a place we had already been. We finally found the shopping area and we bought a few things, I bought two tops from Topshop, a book called “this modern love” from Waterstones and a roll on perfume of Moonlight by Ariana Grande. A successful shopping trip, on the Kalverstraat. 

Finally we finished up the day and was deciding on a place to eat, warning it was not a Dutch place! We all decided on Wagamama’s as we’d never been and we all pretty much like Asian food. It was super good and we will definitely be making another trip there soon. 

Chilli Ramen (with chicken) 

It’s a fusion of colours and it has the most amazing taste, the soup has a chilli kick, a lime hint and a ginger touch which makes it taste yummy (I love food okay, I don’t eat lots but I still love it). I recommend Wagamama’s 100%! It’s super good and it is near The Hard Rock Cafe and also really near to our hotel. No I am not a vegetarian anymore it’s a long story that I will tell when I get back. 

So it was a long day but I enjoyed every minute of it, Amsterdam is an amazing city and it’s already won me over. Tomorrow’s itinerary: IAMSTERDAM sign, Van Gough museum, Vondel Park (also we are having lunch there) Anne Frank’s house and finally Moeders (Means mother in Dutch, also a Dutch restaurant). Vaarwel.


First day/night (Amsterdam Series)

So I’m finally in Amsterdam! It is truly beautiful and I’ve only been here for a couple of hours. I haven’t done much apart from eat and have a bit of a wander around Vondelstraat and Leidseplein which is a lovely part of Amsterdam. The hotel is perfect as we are staying in the museum quarter which is pretty much central Amsterdam, we are staying at a hotel called Prinsen at it’s a typical old Dutch building, the hotel staff are lovely and super friendly so I would recommend staying here! 

Now for my favourite part, food!! We didn’t have anything planned so we looked round for awhile before deciding on a small Mexican restaurant, I know I know I said I would be eating some Dutch cuisine but it was cold and dark so we all decided on The Cantina: 

The food was delicious, we had a mixture of nachos, chicken wings, burgers and ribs (I have only just realised how un Mexican the menu was) but needless to say I have nothing bad to say about the place, it was friendly, quirky and the food was really good. The staff were super friendly, Britsh (shout out to the Cambridge woman who served us) and welcoming, I also highly recommend you eat there if you want some good food that’s not too expensive. 

Now onto the little wonder we had! Amsterdam is home to many cannels: 

And I mean MANY canals, I didn’t get as many photos as I’d like because we are all pretty knackered but I promise to get lots more tomorrow! Amsterdam is pretty at night, it’s all lit up and busy a bit like London but it has more of a charming atmosphere. Everyone is not in a rush, everyone’s just taking their time and I love it. I still can’t believe I am here.

Tomorrow’s iteniry is: Body Worlds, shopping, a bit of lunch, another wonder and then we get to hunt for a new restaurant! See you guys tomorrow! Varrwel. 


The Airport (Amsterdam Series)

So today is the day! Right now as I’m writing this part I am sitting in an escape lounge which I’m thankful for, my mum decided to book it and I have never been so happy to be sitting down ever. Honestly you guys know I suffer with panic attacks and I have had two within the space of ten minutes which was awful. Now I am sitting in the lounge and I feel relaxed finally, I am extremely thankful for this place honestly I thought I was just gonna pass out. Although I did get some new perfume called Amor Amor which smells amazing, I needed a new perfume and the name caught my eye as in Spanish it means love. Thanks Mr Craverio for the good old Spanish lessons they really come in handy. I also purchased John Green’s new book, Turtles All The Way Down which I am excited to read as he is one of my favourite authors.

Anyways the lounge is awesome, free wifi, free food and drinks, charging stations and peace and quiet. Its purpose is to simply get you away from the manic airport and sit back and enjoy your wait till you get whisked away do your destination and mine is Amsterdam. We have three full days jam-packed full of adventures to places such as Anne Frank’s house, Van Gough’s museum and Body World’s and many Dutch restaurants on the way. To say I am excited would be the understatement of the year, I am ready to immerse myself in the Dutch culture.

As of right now I am waiting for my flight at four! I will continue this blog once I finally get there and we find a place to eat, I will be talking about first impressions, dutch cuisine and the hotel so stick around for part two because it is coming! I hope you guys are ready for some intense blogging as everyday I will post a blog till Friday. Varrwel.


A short poem

This is a short poem by me! Yep I know It is something extremely different, and no I can’t write poetry I just decided to share this with everyone. So tell me what you think as if you guys like it maybe I’ll share some more of my poetry. I also decided to release some as Rupi Kaur’s new book is out, so I thought I’d do a little post in honour of that, enjoy! Also I promise that I’ll get the other blog nomination post up by Friday.

Your blonde hair reminds me of the sand I tread.

Slowly burning my soles till I can’t stand the pain.

Although I’ll never stop walking on the sand, even though it’s killing me.

Just so I can can watch the view of the sea rushing in unpredictably at my feet.

Like you, how you can talk to me one day and the next you are ignoring me like we’ve never met.

Yet I still stay, because the sand can cool and the sea can calm.


The Versatile Blogger Award

So I was nominated for this award and I can’t believe it!! This is amazing!! So thank you so much to Anna’s Little Thing go check out her blog, it’s amazing and I know you guys will love it!! Quick side note a day till Amsterdam! I am so excited to go. Quick question if any of you guys are watching the UK X-Factor who is your fav? I love Grace, The Cultkelvins, Rak-su and Holly.

So the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers for this award.
  • Finally, tell everyone seven things about yourself.

So get ready for seven things about me!

  1. I love old films! Preferably Alfred Hitchcock films as I think he’s a movie genius, I mean he gave us Rear Window, psycho and Strangers on a Train! They are just so good and full of suspense and did I mention two are in black and white, like that makes a film ten times better.
  2. I’m an introvert. I prefer to keep to myself unless I fully trust you and even then I don’t tell everyone everything. I’m quiet in loud situations and I’m not good with lots of people around me as it freaks me out.
  3. I’m interested in taking film studies at sixth form, as I love films.
  4. I’ve met Helena Bonham Carter (long story)
  5. I’m obsessed with GOT! I have the box set and everything. Khalessi will forever be my women crush Wednesday along side Alycia Debnam Carey.
  6. I totally do not read fan fics *wink* *wink*
  7. I love hot food, I literally put hot sauce on everything I eat.

Once again thank you so much for the nomination it means the world to me! Now for the nominations, drum roll please…

I nominate everyone who is reading this right now! So go get writing and I want to see everyone’s!! Also I am sorry for not posting last night revision is really taking a toll on me and I have had no time to write at all, I’ve been staying after school most nights coming back and revising, taking a break and then being too tired to do anything else, I haven’t read in ages and I’m glad I have a week off from school, I have also been looking at Six Forms and Colleges which has been super stressful especially writing personal statements, so I’m super sorry for not posting on my usual days. I have a great announcement I will be away from Monday till Friday so that means I will blog everyday in Amsterdam! Five whole days of posts! I hope you guys are just as excited as I am.


Amazing Blogger Award

So this is my second award that I have been nominated for and I am so thankful, I have enjoyed blogging so much so to get recognition like this is amazing and so rewarding. So thank you so much to my friend Relatableexistence for nominating me, like seriously I thought my blog was pretty boring but obviously not. So first here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the reader
  • Nominate at least five awesome bloggers
  • Give your nominees ten new questions to answer
  • Let your nominees know that they have been nominated

{Relatableexistence’s questions}

  1. Best compliment you have ever received? I really don’t know as compliments make me awkward so I don’t really remember them, I’m really trying to think but I seriously don’t know. Ugh! I wanna give you guys something so the best one I can think of at the moment is: “You are so good at running! You are so fast” says everyone at sports day, I used to be an athlete so I was heavily into all that and I always dominated sports day.
  2. Favourite book? And why? Easy I love 13 Reasons Why as it is one of the best written books ever! It approaches an extremely important subject that is normally brushed over and it does not sugar coat a thing, it takes suicide, depression, bullying and so many more important subjects and it exploits them, it shows the world just how cruel people can be, how some people can treat people with no respect. It finally shows the world how common suicide is and how even the smallest roles in someones demise amount to a larger end, for instance Zach only takes Hannah’s notes but they are the only good thing about her life at that moment in time.
  3. Who is your idol? Shay Mitchell, she worked her butt off to get to where she is now and she has a book, she was apart of a successful show that engrossed thousands of teenagers and young adults even my mum. Not only that but she lets her wanderlust flourish, she experiences life and she never apologies for what she does and who she is. She is truly someone who I aspire to be like and my idol as she is just so her, flaws and all. Plus she loves pizza so I love her!
  4. Favourite song and how does it make you feel? Alessia Cara scars to your beautiful as her message is super clear, it makes me feel comfortable in who I am and that what the world says does not matter. Alessia speaks from the heart always and that’s what I love about her songs, she is who she is and that is what her music is like. So check out Know-It-All it is such a good album. And then there’s clued up by Little Mix and it just reminds me to be me and it gives me this happy feeling when I hear it, plus when I met Little Mix that song was playing!!
  5. If you could travel anywhere where would you go and why? There’s too many places to choose from, but if I had to narrow it down to two I’d choose Bali as I have been obsessed with the place, food and culture since I can remember. I want to go to monkey temple, to the beaches pretty much everywhere. Then Havana as the place looks so colourful and retro and in the past, I know it’s the most expensive place on the earth but the people seem so interesting, cultural and the food looks divine.
  6. What age do you feel right now and why? I feel sixty and yes I know it’s old but I always feel like I’m older than I am, I am intellectual, wiser beyond my years. I am an old soul and I never feel as though I fit, people at my school worry about boyfriends, clothes and popularity but all of that means nothing to me, I worry about politics, oppression and books (knowledge). I love old films, old music and old books, the fifties and sixties fascinate me.
  7. What would be a perfect day for you? A day at the zoo, seeing all the animals, eating ice-cream, feeding the animals and just having fun with my friends and family.
  8. What makes you cringe? Socks! Yuck!! I hate them, they make me cringe and they make my teeth clench and I just hate the feeling its like someone is rubbing sand paper on my hands. Socks make me feel physically ill, I can barely touch them so now I wear ankle socks as they don’t make me feel as sick.
  9. What’s the most beautiful word in the world? Wanderlust.
  10. Which of your five senses would you keep if you could only choose one? What a good question! My hearing as I could not live without hearing music, music has become such huge part of my life and I love being able to hear people’s voices, you can hear when someone truly loves what they are talking about, you can hear when someone is in love, hurt, happy and broken, it’s a huge sense for me.

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My celebrity dinner list

I was talking about celebrities the other day and it got me thinking, who would I like to sit down for a meal and get to know and why would I choose them? So here’s six people I’d invite to my dinner party.

  1. Number one would be Camila Cabello as I personally believe that this girl is something magical, she’s so creative and I think she has so much going on in her head and I’d love to get at least an insight on what she thinks about. I’d like to know about her life, when she lived in Cuba and then Mexico, I’d love to listen to her old unreleased music and understand her pain. I’m weird I know, but I find her truly fascinating.
  2. Lucy Sutcliffe would be another person who I’d love to understand, I love the way she writes so I’d love to have a conversation with her because if she speaks as well as she writes then I know we’d get along. I think she has a lot of stories to tell and I’d listen with attentive ears.
  3. Alessia Cara has a really incredible talent, not only can she sing she sings about important things, she uses her platform to try to change the worlds perception on beauty, she sings about her horrible experience at a party and then I feel normal about that party I went to and hated. I feel as though she’s an old soul, she’s entirely natural and a down to earth celebrity, I’d love to get to know her.
  4. Robbie Shone is a National Geographic photographer and his photos are just amazing, he’s been to some truly beautiful places and I know he would have some stories to tell about his travels, I have so many questions that I’d love to ask him.
  5. Jack Whitehall as he is one of the funniest comedians ever, I find him hilarious and I know he’d be able to make me laugh. I love funny people and his shows are so good and his stand up comedy shows are just brilliant.
  6. Lorna Simpson, recently I went to the Tate Modern (which I’d love to go again without my sister and mum, sorry guys but you guys aren’t exactly art enthusiasts). My favourite piece by her is called Five Day Forecast which is at the Tate Modern, it is a beautiful piece. From her work she seems to have a lot of depth and I’d love to go to an art museum with her or even just watch her create a piece. I’d love to talk to her about her work.

So that’s six people I’d invite to my dinner party, I’d also invite Nigella Lawson as I can’t cook. I think it would be a very interesting dinner party, full of interesting people.




Terrorism and Cyber-Bullying 

So I’m sure most of you are aware of what happened in Las Vegas recently, a man killed at least 59 people and 527 people were injured in the devastating attack. I got a notification about a tweet made by a celebrity I look up to, a celebrity who was a role model to me and an intelligent human being, saying something along the lines of the attack being a terrorist attack and because he was not brown it was not being labelled as one, I personally do not see it to be a terrorist attack because the definition of a terrorist is: “A person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims” and it can also include religious reasons too. So I tweeted back saying how it wasn’t and how’s it got nothing to do with his skin or anything like that and implying that it’s terrorism is ridiculous. My notifications blew up, how I must support racism, how I should die and that I’ve obviously not been brought up well, my disagreement on the matter had caused me all this hate.

I fought back for a while but then the hate comments got too much, they were finding my other accounts so I decided to delete all my accounts and I still am on a social media hiatus because of a simple disagreement with a celebrity. What annoys me is everyone is agreeing with the celebrity on the account they are fans, not because they agree with her point, most of the followers are sheep and it angers me. I’ve never been subjected to Cyber-bullying so everything was new to me but I did feel hurt, how could another human being be this horrible and mean? But isn’t the whole point of Cyber-bullying to belittle another human being through the comfort of you own screen, what I loved is the hate I received was by people with masks, their profile pictures wasn’t of them and their names didn’t belong to them. I felt weak because I couldn’t physically do anything to stop it all.

What angers me the most is how the 59 people were disregarded, how the celebrities took that as an opportunity to shout terrorist! Yes he killed 59 people and they won’t get their lives back, their families won’t get their children back but he’s a terrorist! And we aren’t calling him out on being one so we need too. Stop! Instead of all this name calling we should be praying for the victims showing our support to their families but we aren’t, we are too busy trying to push for this title that we are forgetting what really matters, paying our respects to the victims. 

I don’t hate social media but recently I’ve been faced with the cons and I must admit I’m really wondering if all this is worth it. The celebrities are given a platform and you hope they’ll use it in a good way, but I’ve been shown they don’t always do. I’ve also seen how bullying increases when the bully feels as if their power is unbreakable by the anonymity of the situation they know you don’t know who they are so it’s all a game to them. I’ve also been shown how social media can construct a way of thinking, that if you have a different view-point you can often be subjected to hate and cyber bullying. So truly is social media worth it?

This whole situation has been a lesson to me, that social media really does have cons and they are terrifying. I urge everyone to keep safe on social media and to be careful about what you say, freedom of speech isn’t present on there as I’ve come to find. I also want to take this time to remember all the people who lost their lives in this senseless act, I will be praying for all their families and for everyone effected.