Amazing Blogger Award

So this is my second award that I have been nominated for and I am so thankful, I have enjoyed blogging so much so to get recognition like this is amazing and so rewarding. So thank you so much to my friend Relatableexistence for nominating me, like seriously I thought my blog was pretty boring but obviously not. So first here are the rules:

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{Relatableexistence’s questions}

  1. Best compliment you have ever received? I really don’t know as compliments make me awkward so I don’t really remember them, I’m really trying to think but I seriously don’t know. Ugh! I wanna give you guys something so the best one I can think of at the moment is: “You are so good at running! You are so fast” says everyone at sports day, I used to be an athlete so I was heavily into all that and I always dominated sports day.
  2. Favourite book? And why? Easy I love 13 Reasons Why as it is one of the best written books ever! It approaches an extremely important subject that is normally brushed over and it does not sugar coat a thing, it takes suicide, depression, bullying and so many more important subjects and it exploits them, it shows the world just how cruel people can be, how some people can treat people with no respect. It finally shows the world how common suicide is and how even the smallest roles in someones demise amount to a larger end, for instance Zach only takes Hannah’s notes but they are the only good thing about her life at that moment in time.
  3. Who is your idol? Shay Mitchell, she worked her butt off to get to where she is now and she has a book, she was apart of a successful show that engrossed thousands of teenagers and young adults even my mum. Not only that but she lets her wanderlust flourish, she experiences life and she never apologies for what she does and who she is. She is truly someone who I aspire to be like and my idol as she is just so her, flaws and all. Plus she loves pizza so I love her!
  4. Favourite song and how does it make you feel? Alessia Cara scars to your beautiful as her message is super clear, it makes me feel comfortable in who I am and that what the world says does not matter. Alessia speaks from the heart always and that’s what I love about her songs, she is who she is and that is what her music is like. So check out Know-It-All it is such a good album. And then there’s clued up by Little Mix and it just reminds me to be me and it gives me this happy feeling when I hear it, plus when I met Little Mix that song was playing!!
  5. If you could travel anywhere where would you go and why? There’s too many places to choose from, but if I had to narrow it down to two I’d choose Bali as I have been obsessed with the place, food and culture since I can remember. I want to go to monkey temple, to the beaches pretty much everywhere. Then Havana as the place looks so colourful and retro and in the past, I know it’s the most expensive place on the earth but the people seem so interesting, cultural and the food looks divine.
  6. What age do you feel right now and why? I feel sixty and yes I know it’s old but I always feel like I’m older than I am, I am intellectual, wiser beyond my years. I am an old soul and I never feel as though I fit, people at my school worry about boyfriends, clothes and popularity but all of that means nothing to me, I worry about politics, oppression and books (knowledge). I love old films, old music and old books, the fifties and sixties fascinate me.
  7. What would be a perfect day for you? A day at the zoo, seeing all the animals, eating ice-cream, feeding the animals and just having fun with my friends and family.
  8. What makes you cringe? Socks! Yuck!! I hate them, they make me cringe and they make my teeth clench and I just hate the feeling its like someone is rubbing sand paper on my hands. Socks make me feel physically ill, I can barely touch them so now I wear ankle socks as they don’t make me feel as sick.
  9. What’s the most beautiful word in the world? Wanderlust.
  10. Which of your five senses would you keep if you could only choose one? What a good question! My hearing as I could not live without hearing music, music has become such huge part of my life and I love being able to hear people’s voices, you can hear when someone truly loves what they are talking about, you can hear when someone is in love, hurt, happy and broken, it’s a huge sense for me.

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My celebrity dinner list

I was talking about celebrities the other day and it got me thinking, who would I like to sit down for a meal and get to know and why would I choose them? So here’s six people I’d invite to my dinner party.

  1. Number one would be Camila Cabello as I personally believe that this girl is something magical, she’s so creative and I think she has so much going on in her head and I’d love to get at least an insight on what she thinks about. I’d like to know about her life, when she lived in Cuba and then Mexico, I’d love to listen to her old unreleased music and understand her pain. I’m weird I know, but I find her truly fascinating.
  2. Lucy Sutcliffe would be another person who I’d love to understand, I love the way she writes so I’d love to have a conversation with her because if she speaks as well as she writes then I know we’d get along. I think she has a lot of stories to tell and I’d listen with attentive ears.
  3. Alessia Cara has a really incredible talent, not only can she sing she sings about important things, she uses her platform to try to change the worlds perception on beauty, she sings about her horrible experience at a party and then I feel normal about that party I went to and hated. I feel as though she’s an old soul, she’s entirely natural and a down to earth celebrity, I’d love to get to know her.
  4. Robbie Shone is a National Geographic photographer and his photos are just amazing, he’s been to some truly beautiful places and I know he would have some stories to tell about his travels, I have so many questions that I’d love to ask him.
  5. Jack Whitehall as he is one of the funniest comedians ever, I find him hilarious and I know he’d be able to make me laugh. I love funny people and his shows are so good and his stand up comedy shows are just brilliant.
  6. Lorna Simpson, recently I went to the Tate Modern (which I’d love to go again without my sister and mum, sorry guys but you guys aren’t exactly art enthusiasts). My favourite piece by her is called Five Day Forecast which is at the Tate Modern, it is a beautiful piece. From her work she seems to have a lot of depth and I’d love to go to an art museum with her or even just watch her create a piece. I’d love to talk to her about her work.

So that’s six people I’d invite to my dinner party, I’d also invite Nigella Lawson as I can’t cook. I think it would be a very interesting dinner party, full of interesting people.




Terrorism and Cyber-Bullying 

So I’m sure most of you are aware of what happened in Las Vegas recently, a man killed at least 59 people and 527 people were injured in the devastating attack. I got a notification about a tweet made by a celebrity I look up to, a celebrity who was a role model to me and an intelligent human being, saying something along the lines of the attack being a terrorist attack and because he was not brown it was not being labelled as one, I personally do not see it to be a terrorist attack because the definition of a terrorist is: “A person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims” and it can also include religious reasons too. So I tweeted back saying how it wasn’t and how’s it got nothing to do with his skin or anything like that and implying that it’s terrorism is ridiculous. My notifications blew up, how I must support racism, how I should die and that I’ve obviously not been brought up well, my disagreement on the matter had caused me all this hate.

I fought back for a while but then the hate comments got too much, they were finding my other accounts so I decided to delete all my accounts and I still am on a social media hiatus because of a simple disagreement with a celebrity. What annoys me is everyone is agreeing with the celebrity on the account they are fans, not because they agree with her point, most of the followers are sheep and it angers me. I’ve never been subjected to Cyber-bullying so everything was new to me but I did feel hurt, how could another human being be this horrible and mean? But isn’t the whole point of Cyber-bullying to belittle another human being through the comfort of you own screen, what I loved is the hate I received was by people with masks, their profile pictures wasn’t of them and their names didn’t belong to them. I felt weak because I couldn’t physically do anything to stop it all.

What angers me the most is how the 59 people were disregarded, how the celebrities took that as an opportunity to shout terrorist! Yes he killed 59 people and they won’t get their lives back, their families won’t get their children back but he’s a terrorist! And we aren’t calling him out on being one so we need too. Stop! Instead of all this name calling we should be praying for the victims showing our support to their families but we aren’t, we are too busy trying to push for this title that we are forgetting what really matters, paying our respects to the victims. 

I don’t hate social media but recently I’ve been faced with the cons and I must admit I’m really wondering if all this is worth it. The celebrities are given a platform and you hope they’ll use it in a good way, but I’ve been shown they don’t always do. I’ve also seen how bullying increases when the bully feels as if their power is unbreakable by the anonymity of the situation they know you don’t know who they are so it’s all a game to them. I’ve also been shown how social media can construct a way of thinking, that if you have a different view-point you can often be subjected to hate and cyber bullying. So truly is social media worth it?

This whole situation has been a lesson to me, that social media really does have cons and they are terrifying. I urge everyone to keep safe on social media and to be careful about what you say, freedom of speech isn’t present on there as I’ve come to find. I also want to take this time to remember all the people who lost their lives in this senseless act, I will be praying for all their families and for everyone effected.


So I have experienced bullying before but on a different scale to what one of my closest friends is going through, mine was predominately from people I did not know, cyber bullies, but my friend has to see her bullies everyday as they are in most of her classes and in the halls. Now her bullies are the rulers of the school, they seem to be untouchable but they are in reach. Her bullies constantly ridicule her every move, her every answer, boyfriend and her interests. P.E. is when it can get physical because that innocent tackle was actually a blatant shove yet the teachers turn a blind eye. My school  prides themselves in being a no bully zone that it is all purely “conflict” and nothing more, when you bring them a case of bullying it’s almost as if they don’t care especially if you mention their names, they are protected by this shield of ignorance.

What makes this situation worse is the bullies influence, they are the queen bee’s of my school so everyone is a heard of god damn sheep when it comes to them, they say jump and the sheep say how high? A comment is made then it’s followed by another and then the whole heard is in on it. This girl is the loveliest girl I have ever met, she does her own thing and she’s never hurt anybody and I truly believe she never will, so why her? Why did the bullies pick her? Do you want to know why? It’s simple, she’s different and they can’t mould her into a follower, different scares them as they are all the same and if someone else does not fit their reaction is to belittle them until they can quiet her, but she’s a forest fire that will not be put out.

We spoke to the teachers but once again it’s an email that will be skim read and forgotten, see I am not the type to give up I am determined and sometimes it can be bad but not this time. One of the bullies saw us talking to a teacher and no doubt it will get round to all three of them plus one of their dedicated sheep, but I put my neck on the line because as my mum says I have a heart of gold and I want to right all the wrongs in the world, I mean yes I can get mocked I can take it on the chin because the bullies are all bark no bite.

See I have this theory well it’s not much of one but if everyone in my year joined forces we could start a revolution (okay a little much but you get the gist) then we can put them all in their place, as they believe they are gods gift because no one has told them anything different, so by taking a stand we could get in theory equality because they truly believe that they are the queens of the school. I mean Mean Girls could totally work in this situation, we all band together to bring them down but not in a nasty way or let them get hit by busses. What I’m saying is we don’t need to be scared of bullies especially if they are the queen bees of your school, they are truly nothing different to you or me they just play on the fear of if we cross them school will be miserable, also don’t be afraid to fit out because that is so much more admirable than playing along with the cliques of high school.

I fit out but I’ve never really been a target on the fact they know their mean words don’t hurt me, I’ve been called a “freak” a really bad word which I won’t say, “slut” and “slag” and there are multiple things written on me on the toilet doors because I don’t let them push be about so they result to being petty. See school is an environment that I hate, people of all different backgrounds are thrown into a place for five years and we have to get along, and we don’t and when there are issues the school are too busy making our schools out to be this perfect, safe and happy place when in reality it is not. All I want is one teacher that just says enough! Bullying is not and will not be tolerated, we will be calling your parents to tell them what is going on and how we will not continue to teach such a nasty child (I would word it differently to that, I mean nasty child does not do the bullies at my school justice).

I hate bullying and I hate bullies, to see my friend break down over all of this is heartbreaking just because she won’t conform to their (insert bad word here) they have to constantly knock her down, I mean I know one of the bullies purely does it on the account she is super self-conscious, she must have so much inner turmoil going on in her brain that she results to lashing out and hurting others. Sorry for that rant and no it’s not my usual blog post update day but I had to get this off my chest, I will also be posting tomorrow.

“It’s okay to dislike someone, or even dislike someone for no reason. But it’s not okay to disrespect, degrade and humiliate that person.” -Unknown


10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

So I saw someone recently do a post like this and I wanted to try it out, it’s something different to what I usually do so I hope you guys like it. Quick update, life’s been hectic as hell recently so I write as many posts as I can on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. I’ve been re-reading a certain book I did a review on in the past. I’ve been a lot happier recently and I’ve been planing for Amsterdam! So a travel blog will be coming up soon but now, ten things you don’t know about me.

  1. I don’t like pretentious people, they really annoy me. I have so many pretentious people at my school and I hate it.
  2. I am a vegetarian, only recently and I have been trying so many different vegan/vegetarian meals recently which I’ve been loving. I am definitely glad that I’ve made this change I feel new and healthier. I might to a blog post on why I decided to.
  3. I’m a movie freak, I love movies so much! Any type apart from gangster films as they just don’t appeal to me. I love watching them and dissecting them, I love when a film is clever. My favourite type of film is when it’s low-budget or a Sundance film, a film I watched recently that I loved was called Hunt For The Wilderpeople it’s on Netflix so go check it out!
  4. I’ve broken two fingers, my ring finger and my index finger both from playing basketball. The last time I did was about two years ago and I’d broken it about two weeks before I was going skiing, luckily I could still go and I ended up being really good at it. I also thought that because I broke my ring finger it was some weird omen, that I wouldn’t get married.
  5. When I was younger I wanted to be a Zookeeper as I loved animals, I still do but I was obsessed with animals. When I was about eleven I did this cool think called zookeeper for a day and I got to feed the penguins which I loved.
  6. I’m a hopeless romantic, I think anything even slightly romantic is the cutest thing ever! My mum hates it as I love romantic films and I will cry, ugly cry with sniffling and everything. My favourite romantic film would be Letters To Juliet and that film also sparked my interest in journalism and blogging.
  7. I love taking photos, photography has always been apart of my life as I just love taking pictures of little moments in time and looking back at them and reminiscing, I find it all very enchanting.
  8. Coffee shops are one of the best places ever! I love coffee and I love people watching so Coffee shops are my calling. I also have this weird obsession with finding my soul mate at one, I read a lot of books centered around coffee shop meetings, weirdly I find it romantic, why? Well I have no clue.
  9. I’m good with my words as long as I can write them, if I have to speak then all of my intelligent thoughts leave me head and I’m left with a blubbering mess, it’s painful when I have one of my moments and I often do.
  10. I’m obsessed with Sushi and Fifth Harmony, obviously not together I just ran out of room so I decided to use my initiative and combine them. Although if I could eat Sushi with 5H then I so would.

Ten facts that you probably did know because I’m pretty much an open book (that’s a lie). I enjoyed writing this one and it’s a good distraction from boring school, it’s only been like four weeks and I’m considering dropping out and marrying a rich guy, shallow I know but I’m seriously considering. There’s so much revision and work and I’m just like everyone please slow down!

What makes me happy?

What makes me happy?

A lot of things make me happy, I’m pretty much happy 24/7 but I’ll give you an insight into certain things that make me glow. There’s too many to mention them all but I’ll tell you about the big factors that play a role in my happiness.

First up on my list would be concerts and I’ve been to so many now I’ve actually lost count, the reason I love them so much is because music is a big part of my life, I’m always humming, listening to music or talking about it so seeing my favourites live makes me genuinely happy. It gives me an amazing buzz, the music vibrates off my tiny frame whilst I’m dancing like a maniac. My favourite time at a concert was at a Fifth Harmony concert, they started to sing Work From Home and I tried to imitate their dance moves, needless to say I looked like a mess but I enjoyed myself so I didn’t care. My all time favourite concert though would easily be Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour, she’s amazing live, she’s a true power house and hearing One Last Time live truly gave me goosebumps. I loved singing Problem at the top of my lungs with my sister too, we were way off-key but luckily no one could hear us. I’d love to see Beyoncé live and Alessia Cara, I will also be seeing Little Mix in November and my mum somehow managed to get us front seats at the O2 so I’m very excited.

Next up would have to be my friends easily, we all have very different personalities but we all work. There’s never a dull moment either which makes me happy. I know they all have my back, if something was to go wrong they’d all be behind me supporting me, if someone was to mess me over they’d all be ready with bats at their door and I know they love me unconditionally. I’ve seen them all at the worst and their best and vice versa. I trust them with my life. There are stories I unfortunately can’t share because well they’re just too much but one I will, one of my friends is a complete nutcase and we all had a huge sleepover back in June, anyways it was like twelve maybe one and I looked over at her and she was furiously brushing her teeth on a sofa without any toothpaste, I was shocked then I started crying with laughter and I recorded it. So yeah my friends are not all there, none of them, one of them forgets baskets, another thought Arnold Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, another is my favourite Geordie, one thinks she’s posh and last but not least thought that saying “I do have hay fever but my eyes don’t water my ears do” was the most funniest thing in the world. My friends make me truly happy.

My family are my biggest fans, they’ve never given up on me and I’m so thankful for that especially recently. They’ve never not had my back. They’ve given me all so much especially my mum and I’ll never be able to repay her and unfortunately I know that, everything I could ever dream of having my mum has made possible, money to her means nothing and happiness is everything to her and that’s why I admire my mum, she’s the most courageous, strong and empowering woman I know. I went off on a tangent there but my family truly make me smile, everyday my dad cracks a silly joke that makes me smile, or he sends me one of his famous texts and my sister well she’s special, a one of a kind, all she has to do is giggle whilst watching a video on her iPad and I’m happy, she’s my best friend and I know she’d never turn her back on me. My family are so important to me, they are my support system and I don’t know what I’d do without them, they sometimes get on my nerves, scrap that they always get on my nerves but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Writing. I love to write and it has been a big part of my life, ever since I could write, it took me awhile to realise I had a passion for it but once I did I couldn’t stop. Words make me happy as on their own they mean nothing, but when you rearrange their order you can make something truly special which I find amazing. I love to create pieces of writing that mean something, that can change people or make people feel something. Words are powerful and not many can understand their power, a simple sentence can literally fix somebody and that really conveys their enormity. I love how words can be so honest and truthful, they can be vulnerable or full of might. I love how much I love writing, I love how writing makes me feel.

Travelling is a big part of my life, I have dreams to travel the world. I’m conquering the world slowly already, I’ve been places I would have never imagined I’d go, I’ve been Florida, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Tenerife and Gran Canaria already, I’ll be going Amsterdam in October. I’ve been pretty much everywhere in the UK, Cornwall, Somerset, I frequently go London, Brighton, Blackpool and many other places. Travelling is amazing, although I only ever really get to go places on holiday we make sure to immerse ourselves in where we are, when we go Spain we try out the language (I’m a lot better than my other family members on the account I take Spanish) we try all the foods and we go places that not all the tourists go and sometimes we do. I love getting lost, because you have no destination you just wonder and you end up seeing so much more of the city than you would’ve.

So that’s five things that make me happy! There are loads more things that make me happy like books, movies, sushi and Alycia Debnam-Carey but then it would’ve made this post a lot longer and you guys would’ve been like really Liberty! Reason 99 is Nutella like wtf! So I shortened it down but it’s still longer than I originally planed.

Fall Favourites Tag

img_3688.pngIt’s fall! Well Autumn but I love how the American’s call it fall it just seems more magical and mystical, anyways I’m going to do the fall favourites tag as I saw this blogger do the tag and I wanted in on it. Also the reason for the picture is the colours remind me of Autumn and I loved the sunset that day so I felt as though I needed to include the image. So here it goes, my first season tag.

Favourite Fall Candle: I love Yankee candles, last year for Christmas I had a Yankee candle calendar, it was just pure bliss for me. So my fall candle would be Yankee’s candle Autumn Night, it smells amazing and it gets you ready for Halloween the best holiday ever! I also love the name, it really sets an atmosphere to me.

Favourite Fall Lip Colour: Right off the bat I’m going to be honest I know nothing about make-up, I own certain products and that’s where it ends. I do in fact like the colour Deep Plum, it has a dark gothic kind of look, so it is very Halloween appropriate and I mean if it’s good enough for Beyoncé then it’s good enough for me.

Favourite Fall Drink: I did not even need to think about this one at all, a pumpkin spice latte is the drink that symbolises Halloween for me, it’s a seasonal drink unfortunately, but when it finally appears I get excited for Halloween. I also love the taste, it’s delicious and I’m a huge fan.

Favourite Fall Blush: BECCA Mineral Blush in Deep Mulberry would be my go to fall colour, it gives you that fall look and it’s a really pretty colour.

Favourite Fall Clothing Item: A beanie would be my go to fall item, they’re cute and they keep you warm when it’s cold outside. It can also accompany multiple items, I love a jumper, jeans and some nice boots accompanied by a beanie, it gives you that classic fall look.

Favourite Fall Movie: Hocus Pocus is a film me and my family sit down to watch every Halloween, it’s sort of tradition now, we all love the film and it really symbolises the start of Halloween for us. It’s a classic and very much centred around Halloween so it’s the perfect Fall film.

Favourite Fall Show: American Horror Story for me this year, it’s terrifying, full of clowns and gore and it has premiered so close to Halloween this year which has been awesome and it’s definitely put me in a Halloween mood. It’s also an amazing show, very twisted yes but very interesting. Also Goosebumps! Such a great show. 

Favourite Halloween Costume: I haven’t dressed up in a while the last time was about two years a go when I went to the KISS Haunted House Party and I dressed up as a clown, I looked pretty cool. Although my go to costume would be Wednesday Adam’s, she’d be so cool to dress up as, plus I love The Adam’s Family.

So that was my Fall Favourites Tag! My first one and I really enjoyed it, especially as this one was all to do with Halloween my favourite holiday of all time! Everything about Halloween is amazing, the food, drinks, films and decorations add to it all for me, especially as I love horror films and all sorts. Normally I spend my Halloween at Thorpe Park’s mazes but this year I’ll be spending it in Amsterdam, which I’m really excited about, 27 days till we go!

If you guys want to do the Autumn Fall Tag here’s the questions (I skipped one as we don’t have Thanksgiving in England for obvious reasons):

Favourite Fall Candle

Favourite Fall Lip colour

Favourite Fall Drink

Favourite Fall Blush

Favourite Fall Clothing Item

Favourite Fall movie

Favourite Fall TV Show

Favourite Thanksgiving Food

Favourite Halloween Costume

Can’t wait to see everyone else’s answers! Happy Autumn everyone!


So everyone’s favourite question at the moment is “What do you want to do when you’re older?” I’ve reached my final year of Secondary school so I do have to make decisions now, where do I want to be in ten years? Who do I want to be? I have answers and I have dreams, I know where I want to be so I decided to share my dreams for the future with you guys, so let’s go!

I want to be writing, travelling and madly in love.

I want to be writing for some big newspaper firm or magazine firm, writing about anything and everything. I want to be writing about the cities I’ve been to, the people I’ve met, the foods I’ve tried and the culture. I want to write about political issues that affect me, my opinions and views about the world. I want to write about my achievements, my hard times and my broken moments. I want to write about other people’s stories, what they do, what they love, their childhood memories and what’s shaped them into the person they are now. I want to write about who I’m in love with, my adventures with them, how we met and the cute dates we go on. I want to empower women and men, I want to inspire little girls and boys and I want to touch people’s soul with my words. I want to empower myself, I want to inspire myself and I want to be happy.

I want to travel to exotic beaches in Bali, the Caribbean and Hawaii. I want to ski down the Austrian alps again, then the Swiss alps and I want to sit in a hot tub in the middle of the France mountains. I want to get lost in Amsterdam, I want to stand on top of the Eiffel Tower and I want to be eating spaghetti in Venice. I want to eat a Samosa in India, I want to surf the Australian waves and I want to explore every state in America. I want to understand every culture, I want to smash plates in Greece, I want to meet the Mãori tribe in New Zealand and I want to visit Mexico to see the Día de los Muertos festival. I want to go everywhere and I want to experience the world, every place has a story and I want to feel every story and immerse myself in all the cultures.

I want to fall madly in love with an adventurous soul, an old soul and a creative soul. I want to run away to cities we’re not familiar with, wandering the streets at twelve with our heads in the clouds watching the city move without us. I want to stroll along the beach whilst the sun is setting hand in hand with you, trying to catch the sun before she disappears. I want to sit in our little coffee shop talking about anything and everything, whilst sipping on whatever drink caught our eye and laughing about how we’re trying to act civilised but we’re actually laughing at each other because we both have cream on our noses. I want to have a huge bay window that we both sit at reading our different books, where we people watch from our window and where we sometimes sit watching the sunset. I want to have spontaneous dates to art galleries, to the movies watching a foreign film or sitting under the stars on a roof somewhere where we are not supposed to be.

I bet you guys didn’t know I wanted to write when I’m older, such a shocker I know. So that’s my dreams for the future, I mean that’s not all of them as I have so many but we’d be here forever. Maybe I’ll do a part two or something. Hopefully in ten years time I’ll write a post about fulfilling my dreams and you guys will still be reading my blog, hopefully I’ll be on some beach, maybe in Austria again or maybe I’ll be snuggling up to my old soul in our cute artsy apartment, hopefully. I might do a post on my skiing adventure, if you guys are interested in hearing about it obviously.


So last week I went to see the Horror I.T. which I loved, it really lived up to its expectation and I want to see it again already. I went with my avid horror freak of a mum so I was ready for this film, especially as my mum had talked so highly of the book and I had watched bits of the previous film. We went to the Everyman cinema so at least I would be terrified in comfort and with some very tasty retro sweets. The film began and my heart rate increased drastically but I was excited, I’d been waiting a long time for this film so I was determined to enjoy it. It started with what I would say a very iconic scene that was so similar to the original, I was already paralysed with fear when Georgie’s arm was ripped off by the spine-chilling clown known as Pennywise, and from then on I knew this film had no limits and would ensure that I’d leave that cinema hating clowns, which I did.

My heart rate wasn’t going to decrease anytime soon especially when all the kids started to see Pennywise as their worst fears, I would say that if I had to relate to one of the kids it would be Beverly as her fear was blood and death because of what happened to her mum. I hate blood with a passion so if my bathroom filled with it I would cry and leg it to a church. I also do not get along with girls, I have friends that are girls but most of my life I’ve surrounded myself with boys as I’ve felt more comfortable around them.

As much as the film was jumpy it also had humour evident in many of the scenes which was a relief for me and my mum as I was clinging to her arm and I would tighten my grip every time I could sense a jump scare. I’m going to go a bit off topic but according to my mum one time we was watching Sinister I allegedly punched her, I want to stress the alleged part as I didn’t, now whenever we see a scary film she always points out that “incident’. So she was weary of sitting next to me, but the humour took the edge of the dark film. I loved Finn Wolfhard’s character, Richie, he was hilarious and was constantly cracking jokes at inappropriate times. I also loved Jack Grazer’s character, Eddie, as he was a huge germophobe and so am I, I wash my hands all the time so it was funny to see someone else with same mannerisms as me and now I realise how weird I must come across.

I really want to join The Losers Club, they seemed so much cooler than the bullies and I think everyone would agree with me on that. They had such a strong bond which made you want to see them kill Pennywise even more, it was almost like you were like the eighth member. I was annoyed at Eddie’s mum, I was like sit down woman your kid needs to go kill a killer clown with his friends, yes he may have a broken arm but that clown needs to go! I hated the bullies and as evil as I’m going to sound right now I was glad when Patrick got killed, it was karma but on a larger scale, he was on the hunt to hurt Ben and he ended up getting hurt himself. I liked when The Losers Club all banded together and helped Mike out by having a stone fight, it showed that they wouldn’t be pushed around by the bullies no more and that they’re not scared anymore.

At the end when they defeat I.T. well sent him back without him reaching his feeding limit or before his big disaster could pan out, was a good bit as they finally faced their fears and belittled Pennywise, Pennywise is scared of the kids because they can defeat him and he knows that. So that scene was fun to watch as you could see their fears diminish in every passing second and Pennywise’s fear increased with every strike, I almost cheered in the cinema when he finally fell to his demise. When the final scene played and they all made a pact to come back if Pennywise appears again was an endearing part to the movie, they had all made it through his torment and they were all prepared to finish him off if they had to.

I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone as long as you aren’t afraid of clowns obviously, it’s a really good film full of humour, suspense, horror and it’s fast paced and will keep you on the edge of the seat. Pennywise was hair-raising but he was a good Pennywise especially his eyes, they were menacing. I really enjoyed the film from start to finish and normally it either takes me awhile to get into a film or I love it straight off the bat and this was a straight off the bat kinda film, you instantly get pulled in by the opening scene and from then on your just anticipating everything. Go now! But bring a friend as it can get a little scary and nerve-wracking, also go to the Everyman as you can sit on sofas whilst drinking wine and eating a pizza, not that I drink wine as I’m very much under 18 so I stick with soft drinks but I wish I would’ve had a drink or seven whilst watching I.T. I definitely needed it.

Topshop review

So I decided to shake my page up a bit, today I’m going to be reviewing Topshops clothes. Now first off I need to clarify something, my figure is tiny, I have curves (barely) and I’m extremely short and petite so I have huge trouble with finding jeans that will fit me right and tops, mainly jeans but tops are an issue for me. I spent most of my time when I was younger wearing jeans that never really fitted me right, I never felt comfortable in what I was wearing and it really effected my self-esteem and how I saw myself.

I’m not sure how I stumbled across Topshop but it wasn’t that long ago maybe a year or two, I looked around for a while and I couldn’t find anything and I felt myself slowly regret coming into the shop but then I saw a section called petite, it was a huge relief. I grabbed like six pairs of jeans and I ran to the changing rooms with my mum and I tried them on, they all fitted my perfectly and they exonerated my figure, this might sound silly and insane but it made me feel empowered, like my figure was perfect and I just hadn’t found the right clothes till now.

Topshop has become a shop I regularly buy from now, all of my jeans are from Topshop and most of my tops. Thanks to their petite range I now feel confident when I strut round in my jeans, they fit me everywhere. They are expensive and I know that, so does my poor mother who pays for my clothes sorry mum I know you still love me though, but they are so worth it, they last for such a long time, I have a pair that I’ve had for a year or two now that are still perfectly fine and still fit me right. You ultimately get what you pay for, if you want reassurance and you know that if you buy into them they won’t be destroyed within a month or two go to Topshop, their clothes are durable and so worth the price.

Their tops are stylish, pretty and sweet for teens and young adults. I also buy dresses from there and I recently purchased a beautiful Cutwork Frill Jersey Playsuit that’s perfect for the summer if you just want to look pretty when you are out and about, or if you want to go to a party and dance all night. I also purchased a croptop, I’ve only recently started to get into croptops I was really self-conscious about myself, and it’s really cute, I’ve worn it twice so far and It’s perfect. I also love their feminist section, I haven’t purchased anything from there yet but I want to in the future. I am looking into purchasing some boyfriend jeans soon as I’m in love with them. I want to thank Topshop for giving me my confidence back now and for making amazing clothes, I don’t think I’ve ever gone out without a piece of my clothing being from Topshop.

I also purchased a black leather rucksack from there awhile back now and it was amazing, it was perfect for school as it was practical and could fit all my books in and it was also stylish and trendy so I rocked the bag wherever I went with it.

If you are a little petite girl like me and you are really looking for the right jeans look in Topshop, they also do other sizes for all types, so if you are a plus size you can check out that section too. There are so many different tops to choose from too so you are spoilt for choice. Check them out at you local store or on their website! You won’t regret it.