Alessia Cara

I am free from the evil clutches of high school! I’m writing this knowing secondary school is behind me and College is the next step. Anyways not the topic of this post. Alessia Cara dare I say it one of the best song writers of my lifetime.

Back in 2015 she released her first album Know-It-All and prior to that she had a hit with ‘Here’ my anthem. This post is not on all she has achieved because although I use it as ammo to fight battles on who is better, awards don’t always go to the right person. I discovered her way back in 2015 when I heard ‘Here’ on a music channel and I was hooked, her lyrics meant something and her voice wasn’t what I would call generic it was definitely a different sound. I then kept a tab on her making sure I was aware of any new music and then we got blessed with an album. Her music is the kind of music I listen to at two in the morning in the dark (I sound like a serial killer but I’m not).

I guess what attracted me to her music was the fact she wrote about being different and feeling like an outsider and that’s how I felt. She was never someone I spoke about as I liked to keep her music to myself, it meant something to me and I didn’t want people listening, I do that with certain artists as I don’t take criticism well. ‘Wild things’ music video was also released in 2016, a song about being different and embracing it. It quickly became my go to song to play on repeat. I find her music very raw and she never lies and I think that’s why I like her so much because she feels real and not superficial.

‘Scars to your beautiful’. A song that deserved more, that song should have gone viral and been a number one everywhere. It empowered me as a woman who does struggle with how she looks. A song like this doesn’t come around often and we should embrace it. She wants everyone to feel beautiful and to recognise our beauty, that we don’t need to change our idea of beauty but rather the world does as everyone is beautiful.

I’d play her album on repeat and I’m still annoyed at myself for not going to see her live. Then she disappeared for a whole three years, she would feature on a song here and there but it wasn’t her music. I felt as though I did disconnect from her music and then recently she sprung a new song on us and had us guessing the lyrics. Then song was released on Friday (also the day I saw Beyoncé and Jay-Z but that story is for another day) and I feel in love with her music all over again.

‘Growing Pains’ in which she recognises she is growing up and the thought of becoming an adult is daunting but it has to happen, she wants to go back to the days where life was just easier and more fun. I couldn’t agree more as although I was in a rush to grow up, now I wish I could grow down, I wish I could go back to year four when my biggest worry was who I was going to play with and what I would eat for lunch. Growing up is scary and you can’t hide or cower you can only go at life head first and just hope you make it and come out of it okay. So to conclude this random, not planned post I’d like to say thank you to Alessia Cara for being you and reflecting yourself in your music. Also listen to ‘Growing Pains’ right now as it is the best song of 2018 so far!!


Goodbye Maltings

Okay so this is gonna be a soppy post so I just want to apologise. I officially leave school next Friday. It is sad to close a huge chapter of my life and I don’t want to get all sad on everyone but I really don’t want to leave. I used to want to back in year eight when I hated school so much, now I have friends I love to bits, teachers that have seen me grow and memories that will last a lifetime and I’m not sure if I can let go. So this is my good-bye post to my school.

Year seven sucked, it was such a hard transition as I had been in such a small school and my year consisted of 30 kids and we were all so close. Then I got thrown into a year of 180 teens and god was it hard for me. I’m quiet so to go from 30 to 180 scared me. You don’t know if you’ll fit in, how you’ll find the work and if you will find new friends. You do but you have to go through many friends to find your true ones. Although I discovered many sports like Rounders, Basketball and much more. I became part of so many teams and I definitely loved that aspect. All the competitions I attended was insane and I was always doing some sport after school, I became close with so many of the P.E. teachers especially one who shares my second name, I will really miss him. I also remember a school trip to the Zoo, that was a day I won’t forget as it was so sunny and we was all lugging bags and caring our blazers in our hands whilst trying to stay enthusiastic.

Year eight was a little easier but I still had my ups and downs. We started the year with a school trip to Mersea and although I moan about that trip to this day it was memorable. Waking up in the morning to find our bags swimming in water as someone didn’t shut the tent door. Falling over at three in the morning just because I needed to wee and when me and my friends tried to perform a magic trick whilst carrying one of my other friends in a bag, I’d never laughed so hard in all my life as a girl randomly ran up to us pulling the bag open and having a go at one of my friends, I’m smiling right now thinking about that. However that year I had the biggest fight with my best friend and we didn’t talk for a whole month, that was one of the hardest moments of my life so far. We got over it and we’ve been closer ever since.

Year nine! The year of the famous Ski trip, what a trip! I won’t go into full detail but it has to be one of the best experiences ever, it was just so incredibly fun and the views were just so beautiful. My favourite memory doesn’t actually involve skiing. At one o’clock in the morning stopping off in Germany and sitting in the petrol station, so tired but with my friends wrapped in my blanket, smiling because I really had just been skiing in Austria!! However playing head bands with post-it-notes was also a highlight. Not much happened in year nine, more athletic competitions, basketball games and still the rounders tournaments that are legendary, we were never great but we all had so much fun. I remember our head of year was also I guess our coach, she was a legend and once me, another girl and one of my friends jumped on the mini bus and our teacher left the door open and we started driving leaving the others behind. Year nine was a good year.

Year ten. My last full year. Full of mocks and stress of the up coming exams, watching the year elevens struggle was terrifying as I knew I would be in that position. It was full of me panicking and putting so much into that year. Also I believe that in year ten I got to go to France and Belgium for the Battles field trip, not the best as I was sick for most of it, like really sick which sucked but I still had fun. A few parties here and there and some prom shopping. I got a little tipsy at a party, played manhunt and had a few arguments. Year ten was good because you do have that slight worry of exams but you aren’t quite there yet. My last ever sports day which was hard, weirdly hard as you know that this specific moment won’t happen again, I won’t get to win medals and feel kind of cool for like a day.

Year eleven! Still not over but I have had a good last year! I found my group and although it took me four years it was worth the wait. This year has been full of revision, hard work, tears, break downs, so many English Lit responses, college interviews and new beginnings! I got my Prom dress the other day and my prom is in 19 days, I am so excited. Danbury was eventful (another school trip) and full of singing Beyoncé at eleven o’clock, not that I’m complaining. Revision sessions full of crisps, chocolate and sweets. Exams! So may exams!! But most importantly my last ever tutor, last ever assembly, last picture day! Last P.E. lesson (yes I’m one of those annoying people who love P.E.).

So goodbye class of 2013! I’m gonna miss you all.

-My Tutor-

Everything Sucks! Review

So this show is a masterpiece and I can’t describe it as anything less, however I think this show was Marmite for people. I watched the trailer on Thursday night, as I was scrolling through my Netflix aimlessly and I clicked the notification box and I decided that I would watch the trailer. I was hooked and maybe it had something to do with how diverse the characters were, especially Kate. Anyways a run down on the show, it is a coming-of-age story about two clubs (A/V club and the drama club) who join forces in order to shoot a film, there are many characters and I love every single one. My opinion may be more of an appraisal so just be warned.

This show does seem to centre its self round Luke but then we get to see a lot of Kate (Luke’s girlfriend well it is complicated) Tyler (Luke’s close friend and one of my personal favourites along with Kate) McQuaid (a nerd who was quite endearing) Emaline (a great actor, who I found was full of layers and Kate was definitely the one to peel them back) and finally Oliver (a Bender throwback).

Anyways what I loved about the show was how Kate wasn’t in the background and her coming out process was never a backdrop for other things, her story was an important well portrayed part. I felt every emotion she felt so you know she did a good job! A great coming out story I must admit and she should be truly proud of her self. She was such a lovable character as her face is just so kind and you want to protect her. I love how she is a wallflower and you go on her journey with her as she finally accepts herself. At first I hated Emaline but I quickly figured her out, she liked Kate from day one and she just found it hard to grasp that. I ship them two! They are just so cute together I just hope they stay together in the next season.

Luke angered me at points but he was doing what every boy would’ve done when you fall for a gay girl, it’s never easy knowing you like someone you can’t have but I think he thought he could almost change her, which is just not the case, he does come to learn and accept that but it is important for boys to know they can’t change people. I do love his character as he seems almost so naive, he has this cute part to his character and he is quite protective over his mum especially after his father got up and left. At points my heart really ached for him, when he goes to Blockbuster’s (OMG! I miss that place so much!) and see’s his father and he just gets disappointed, that part broke my heart a little as I wanted him to see his father and everything just gets sorted out. Wishful thinking I know.

Emaline. I love her’s and Kate’s relationship as it was just so cute and innocent and it was entirely stripped back, there was nothing heavy about the relationship it was just slow and heartwarming to watch. Emaline is a paradox but I think she created almost an ice queen persona to keep herself safe, Kate definitely broke that and Emaline needed that. I love how full on she is portrayed at parts but then her facade that she has created is taken away and we see the sweet, kind Emaline who would never hurt a soul. She has a very cool vibe and I’d love to be friends with her it seems like she is pretty cool (an outdated term I know but I’m British! My excuse for everything).

Tyler is a cutie and all over the place. He makes me die, his character is just so hilarious and I love how he’s almost quite naive to everything. I would like to see more of his character though, however I do think what we do see is amazing. He is the goofy friend of the group that always lifts the mood with his silly commentary. But am I the only one who wants Tyler and Leslie together?! They would be such a cute couple, plus Leslie obviously likes him so I’m hoping they become a thing in season 2. I loved him in the film and he can’t read but that makes his character even more lovable.

McQuaid, another character I had ups and downs with. At parts I liked his character and then at other parts I disliked his character. I felt bad when he started to catch feelings for Emaline especially as at that point it was clear Emaline liked Kate, yet you couldn’t stop him and he had to get hurt but that will be an important development for his character, sometimes you have to get hurt as he never really put himself out there. I also hope in season two he doesn’t do something stupid to get back at Emaline and Kate but I have this gut feeling he will, he is hurt so we do stupid things, I’m just praying. However I do really like how he gets more confident throughout the series, he starts off timid and closed off but then he does blossom.

Oliver. A main character as such. I am not a fan of his character as I find him quite egotistical and up himself, he of reminds me of the kind of guy who uses a girl to get where he needs to be and then drops her without thinking about it. He has his ambitions but will hurt everyone to get there, he needs to experience heartbreak I think. He might return in season 2 I’m just scared how everything will pan out with Emaline and Kate, as if he finds out there’s no doubt in my mind he will out them or do something along the lines of that, or maybe I am not giving Oliver enough credit. He reminds me of Bender from The Breakfast Club, he has the same trench coat well on the lines of and the way he plays with his hair and smokes gave me major Bender vibes. I feel horrible as it just sounds like I dragged his character, he does have some good aspects and some people are even comparing him to Joe Keery, I can sorta see that.

So a rundown on what I think of the other characters, I do want to mention Leslie, I like her character and like I said she’s perfect for Tyler! Scott is another character I find hilarious, also his cameo in the film was the best it was kinda creepy (just me? Probably). Cedric was just cool like what else can I say, he was just bad arse. Jessica was a great female president! I’ll be voting! Mr. Stargrove just reminded me of a teacher at my school which was the best, he is a funny character. Also I can’t do a post and not mention Ken and Sherry, (I hope I have spelled that right) they are just so cute! I ship them and I hope Luke’s dad doesn’t mess things up but he so will which is annoying, I just hope they can work it out and get married! Omg that would be so cute, I expect an invite!

I really liked this show as it was something different, I did not find the characters generic at all. I really love the whole aesthetic and how all the characters are at reasonable ages as it sucks to see 25 year olds play teens, as they just don’t get it and they always look like flawless models which is hard to relate to when you look like a potato. They dealt with a really good topic and delivered it so well, it was never too much it was just a cute and soft story. All the characters are pretty likeable which is rare. Netflix definitely got it right with this show and I hope to see a season 2! Plus props to them for making a protagonist gay and having the coming out process as a main story and not something to fill the time, it was great representation for the LGBTQ+ community. Also a quick thank you to the produces and everyone who made the show posisble, I sound like I was in the show, but seriosuly you guys created a great story.

100 years of the vote

100 years since us women got granted the right to vote, we have come so far from the Suffragette movement. Before I get into the post I want to honour a heroine, Emily Davison, a woman who risked her own life to get the vote for us women, she did unfortunately die from her heroic act but it did not go unnoticed, without her women would not have got the vote as soon as they did. Also Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the movement and a true heroine, without her the movement would never have been put into motion. And this is to every woman who fought in the movement, you gave us the right to be heard, you gave us the right to have a say in how our world is ruled. Thank you.

Why is the vote so important?

The vote is important as it gave us a voice, we could now decide how we wanted our country to be run. It isn’t this upper hand on men that us women strive for, we strive for equality. Before we were not recognised, we were just a wife that cooked, cleaned and cared for our husbands but now we have so much and the vote kicked that all off. It also affects every aspect of our lives so for women to not have a say was dehumanizing, the Suffragette’s recognised this disservice and tackled it head on. The vote empowers me, I am yet to vote as I am 16 but to know I will be able to excites me.

What does feminism mean to you?

A feminist to me see’s everyone as equal, no one is more of a person because they are a man and no one is less of a person if they are a woman. It is something I wear with pride, I only ever want equality. However feminism has lost its name, there are feminists who demand the world and when they aren’t put on a pedal stall they are confused, when a man does not pay they are disgusted, when a door is held open for them they are offended by the kind gesture. As a feminist I see men affected just as much as women, mental health is something they can’t be honest about as it is not considered as manly, crying is weak and men can’t do ballet because it is seen as “gay”. So feminism is equality, everyone is equal, there are things men can’t do and shouldn’t do and the same with women, I dislike females who believe we are capable of everything a man is because somethings we aren’t destined for, it’s not sexist it is fact.

What’s your opinion on the grid girls?

So my opinion may be unpopular but I think this is one of those cases were people get offended on the girl’s behalf, did anyone ask if the girls felt sexualized? Probably not. See if a girl enjoys doing something, for instance being a grid girl then why should we stop her? The women who are against it are offended on their behalf, if they did not want to take part in that then they would not. A woman is not some set definition, we are all different so you can’t tell a woman what to do because you are offended. It is also the case when girl bands are slut shamed, Little Mix recently got slammed for their outfits once again, the girls are their own people and they can wear whatever the hell they want and to slam them is where feminism is at fault. What happened to empowering women? We can only ever empower certain women nowadays and it is ridiculously. Don’t get offended on others behaves. What is demeaning is seeing other women be disgusted at other women.

Are women equal?

No not yet as there a lot of women in the work place who are not getting paid the same as their male counterpart and this needs to change as it is a discrimination. In some countries women are still seen as house wives and nothing more. Women don’t build each other up as they are too busy tearing each other down. “She was wearing something provocative” is still an excuse rapists use to try to justify their actions, that it is our fault that some men can’t control themselves, no matter what we wear we can be raped. People like Trump can get away with degrading his own daughter and still be elected at president. So no not yet but we are getting there.

A feminist icon you love?

Maya Angelou, a women who has fought her entire life and is a feminist icon. Reading her books are moving, she never had an easy life but yet I find her so gentle. A woman with so much power has created a ripple in time and was someone I aspire to be like, being a feminist to her was a no brainer. A true woman and feminist, she strived to make women equal and she often spoke out never being silenced by the patriarchy, they were definitely threatened by such a powerful woman. Read her books as she such an insightful woman who has so much to say, she recently passed but her voice will continue to inspire.

So that was my post dedicated to the women who fought for us, we will never experience  the pain and ridicule they did because they wanted to change the way women were perceived, but we will continue on honouring them everyday. Here’s to women! We are strong, beautiful, smart, powerful and strong-headed. We can achieve anything we want thanks to the vote. Never stop dreaming and working hard. Always vote as women before us lost their lives so we could. Today my act to honour the women is to be strong, kind, adventurous and maybe do something I usually would not do. I will also be thinking about the Suffragette’s, they made history 100 years ago today, they led a long battle and won. Thank you Suffragette’s.


‘Camila’ review

Her album has dropped! It is here! I love it, its raw, emotional and full of ballads which are my favourite. I don’t know what I was expecting with her album but what was released exceeding everything, all I know is I feel like I know a bit more about her that this album was personal and to think that she shared it with us is an honour. So seriously the review:

First track is Never be the Same. It’s a weird upbeat, sad, emotional song that makes you want to dance but dance in understanding. This song was a single and I must admit I liked it as soon as I heard it, I connected with the lyrics especially “I’m a sucker for the way that you move babe”. I think Camila is wise beyond her years and this song says that, she understands how love is almost a drug and how we become addicted to that person and no matter what we try to do, move on or even ignore them it’s useless because that person has truly changed you. Five stars for me! Definitely one of my favourites on the album.

Second track is After All These Years. I love this song so much! I really related as it was kinda crazy how I felt she described my love life, after all these years I still like you!! Listening to this song brought back a few things, especially this one lyric “You’re still the one I’m after all these years” because it was like omg Camila we are basically the same person. Plus I got over my crush but I didn’t really and when I saw them again everything I liked about them swarmed my brain and I was back to where I started. This song is honest and slow which I love, you can feel Camila’s pain and she’s good at that, you understand what she’s singing, you resonate with what she says. Five billion stars!

Third track is She Loves Control. I feel like this is where Camila takes control of herself, she’s like this is who I am! Take me or leave me I’m not bothered because I am who I am. She’s cried all her tears and now she’s ready to be her. It’s a bold song, I hear it and I want to take control and dance, it has a very latino beat which I love as I feel as that genre is a very movable genre that makes you want to sway your hips to the beat and this song does just that for me. I’d give it four stars.

Fourth is Havana! God I love this song, I hear it and I sing at the top of my lungs and try to dance like Camila (not very well, just ask my mum). This song was definitely a hit for everyone, it has a very sultry tone and it’s a love song to her roots. The trumpets make the song for me, the catchy beat and the lyrics that are so simple yet so good. It’s just a feel good song and once you hear it you won’t be able to stop humming the tune. I have to give this song a Grammy. Seriously though five stars.

Fifth Is Inside Out. I like this song because usually a singer is all about singing about someones looks or body but Camila’s like “I wanna love you from the inside out!” which I love about her, she is all about personality and this song screams that, so it makes it authenticate and real. It has a Caribbean feel to the song, it’s upbeat and another song that you can easily dance to. I have visions of me dancing to it on a beach somewhere like Jamaica. Also when she sings in Spanish it adds like more appeal to the song, I love how she incorporates herself into every song somehow. This song is quite innocent and cute, I really like it and again I feel like I resonate with the song. Five stars

Sixth song is Consequences. It’s sad and I cried. Camila fell for a person and it was great but it had consequences, I feel like she lost herself whilst loving that person and you can tell it was hard for her as this person was her rock, her home but they were destroying her. I think we can all relate, we all loved someone who was only effecting US, but we hold on in the hopes everything will change. This song is extremely vulnerable and raw, she sings about her experiences and opened up to us which is insanely brave as not many artists are honest nowadays. Five beautiful stars.

Seventh is Real Friends. A song that deserves so much recognition, another honest song! Another song many people, including myself, resonate with. This song is just entirely honest, she’s not scared to sing about what goes on in her life. Real Friends hit me like a ton of bricks especially the lyric “Been feeling so alone in every crowded room” which I understand and get as I’ve been there, I have been surrounded with fake friends who mean nothing to me. A lyric that was new to me was “I just wanna talk about nothing with somebody who means something” because I think we all do, we want that connection with somebody and it isn’t forced it just happened and now every conversation matters and means something even if it is a load of nonsense. Five stars!

Eighth song Something’s Gotta Give (My all time favourite). This song is insanely well written and the way Camila sings it fits, the whole song is a masterpiece and I don’t throw that word round often. The fist time I heard this song I knew it would be my favourite. My go to lyric is ‘Your November rain could set the night on fire” as I find it extremely poetic and it gives me this weird warm feeling, I love the talk about fire and night. This song is Camila’s understanding that she loved someone but no longer can as they had their time “but we could only burn so long” she gets that they are over and is slowly coming round to that fact, she knows she’s worth more and something has to change and she knows that they won’t so she has to. A Grammy, a Golden Globe and an Oscar just all of the above.

Ninth is In the Dark (My second favourite). Who are you in the dark? Is Camila’s posing question, when you can be free, honest and yourself who are you? When it’s just you who are you really? Camila’s message to the people is to be who you are when no one’s watching, be who you are not someone you’ve created. The message of this song is important as everyone should be themselves, that we should stop acting and start living. Who are you when it’s 3AM? It’s a good reminder to just be you. It’s a song that I can listen to over and over again. Camila Five stars!

Tenth is Into It. A love struck song, a little bit Taylor Swift themed almost. I like to dance to this song and pretend that I am signing it into my hairbrush. It’s vibrant if a song can be. It’s a good love song and I think finally Camila has found someone who hopefully she pursues! I would give this song four stars as I’m not a huge fan.

This album is my all time favourite! No other album has made me feel so connected and I feel like I understand Camila now. I really belive this album is the album of the century, she is just so her in every song and we waited a year and it was so worth it. I love this album like it is my baby. Camila you did so well! I am so proud of what you have accomplished and I will always love and support you, ‘Camila’ is the perfect album that will always be played in my dads car, my room, on our TV and constantly on repeat in my head. Thank you!


The seven things I learned from being a kid

This post is going to be seven things I learned from being a kid, I’m excited for this one as I’m going to have to really think. I hope you guys enjoy these seven things I learnt.

  1. Number one would be that personal appearance should not define your life, that it’s okay if one day you want to wear a boys shirt and the next a girly dress and that people’s opinions just don’t matter if you feel confident and comfortable.
  2. That playdough should not be eaten no matter the colour or if it looks like an apple, that stuff is just not supposed to be consumed.
  3. Judging a book by its cover is not the way to go! That pretty people can be rotten on the inside.
  4. That goosebumps will always be the best show ever.
  5. That imagination is beautiful, never stop dreaming as dreams are supposed to be fulfilled.
  6. Life’s too short to be anyone but you, everyone else is taken so you might as well be your nerdy, witty and clever self.
  7. That Disney is and will continue to be THE coolest place on planet Earth and that nothing will ever be able to top it.

I love number two and it applies to me so much, I was only four when I ate the stuff so cut me some slack. So also 2017 was insane, full of concerts, arguments, new experiences, self discovery, meeting a few celebrities here and there, tears and much more. It was a weird year as I didn’t hate it. Anyways 2018 is going to be full of all that and more, hopefully I will get into my college, get good GCSE results and have a killer Prom. Although 2019 is going to be so much fun, I’m going Universal and Disney again! The last time I went America was in 2011 so it has been a minute, also my hotel looks amazing so I will be keeping you guys updated on that front. It was a short post today but I have been way too busy lately, keeping up with so much is stressful but I will try to write posts as much as I can. A late happy new year! Hope 2018 brings you happiness and joy!


The Braxted Bakery

If you didn’t know about this little bakery you would not find it, it’s hidden away from the chaotic world and it is truly a little gem guarded by vast country. My dad, sister and I took a trip into this little village to check out the bakery and it was worth it. There is only one way into the little village and it is a windy road full of tress, ponds and little cute houses.

The bakery is tiny but the aroma is divine, before you even order you feel as though you have tasted everything. It is quaint but there’s something really charming about the place. There are quotes everywhere you look, the colours of the walls are vibrant and warm and the staff are sweet and pleasant. Their menu is full of tasty treats, toasty drinks and savoury foods. I decided to order a simple Italian hot chocolate whilst my dad had a cappuccino and my sister also had an Italian hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream, I did not get any cake but my dad got a lime and pistachio cake and my sister got a lemon cake. We went outside to a small bench away from everyone and sat down, taking in the countryside and the colossal house next to the bakery.

Our drinks were the first out and the hot chocolate was delightful, it was not scorching hot so it did not burn my tongue but it was not ice-cold, it was perfect. We waited on the arrival of the cakes that had looked soft and fluffy inside the glass cases. Finally they arrived and although I did not order a cake it did not stop be from stealing a bite or two from my dad’s, my thoughts were right the cakes were fresh and fluffy and so worth the wait and I was in heaven. Within seconds the cakes had been demolished and the drinks were gone, we all really enjoyed the little bakery. I also want to talk about these waffle milkshakes that I’m going to try next time I go, they looked amazingly delicious and something you would see in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The bakery had so much appeal to it as it wasn’t trying to out do anyone, it had such a great atmosphere and it is definitely worth a trip! I will hopefully be going back soon, and I will definitely get some quirky drink or treat.



All my hard work has paid off! I am currentlysitting on a B in English almost an A- which is amazing considering in year seven I was predicted an F and I still have six months till I am done with school so looks like that A is mine! I am on a C in Maths which I thought I’d never say like ever as Maths is a complete different language to me. I’m a C in Spanish! Thank you Mr Craveiro. I am not sure about my other subjects as I have not been given my results back yet but I feel as though they will be good especially my History as I have poured everything into that subject. So I have been missing for the past seven years purely because of my Mocks, three weeks full of exams and I practically had two each day so I was focused purely on them and I did neglect my blog but I am back! Till the summer when I will have me real exams and now I can’t wait to smash them.

So today I am going to give some advice which I never do as my advice is about as good as the scary looking snowman ornament we have in my house, he doesn’t talk much. Anyways at the beginning of my exams I had a breakdown, I thought I would fail everything and I would end up on the streets without a job or working as something nobody wants to be. Anyways I got all my crying done on the first day and then I revised for every test (apart from Science and I still managed to get decent marks, enough to pass? I am not sure but we will see). I went to the revision sessions I did my own studying at home, watching videos and reading lots of sources and it paid off big time. I put effort into it all as I recently went to a college interview which I bossed, I got great feedback and the man who interviewed me basically said get your grades and you are in so I had a driving force to do well.

Now the advice:

  1. Exams are stressful and although I revised a lot give yourself breaks, do something you love (I sat in my room with candles and Milk and Honey). If you don’t then chances are you will over do it and you won’t perform to your best ability.
  2. Flashcards are extremely useful, they are quick to use and to require a little effort to make so I would advise buying some and then write down key words or quotes.
  3. Videos are also great, got a History test on The Battle Of Hastings then I advise going onto YouTube and searching BazBattles or BBC Teach as they both have great videos on the battles (applies for pretty much anything as you can find videos for anything on youtube).
  4. Don’t stress! Once you stress you forget everything and then everything you did was pointless, breathe and do your best because no one can ask for anymore than that.
  5. Surround yourself with supportive people, my mum would sit with me and help where she could, my dad would make me tea and hot chocolate and my sister would leave me be and occasionally play Little Mix which helped.
  6. Last one if the exams are getting to you speak to someone! I can’t stress this enough as a lot of people let the exams get to them, I used to, now I revise in moderation and relax in the exams instead of putting so much pressure on myself.

My 6 tips to surviving exams! Just never let the exams get to you as at the end of the day they are just a piece of paper not some scary monster. I had I think about 21 exams in total which is a lot but I didn’t let it faze me, I just did my best and it seriously paid off. Good luck! As I know some people still have Mocks to do! Or are in the middle of them. Also next Thursday is my birthday! I’m going to be sixteen and that’s scary, I still feel six not to mention the fact that I’m the height of a six-year-old. And tonight is the last Apprentice! Team Elizabeth all the way! What a legend. Hope everyone is doing well, see ya next time I post! Hopefully with good news about my other exams.


Amsterdam day 3 (Amsterdam Series)

We started off our day at the museum quarter, there is an IAMSTERDAM sign there so we decided on taking some pictures there. Now let me tell you my mum thought it would be a great idea to get on the M, so my mum had to boost me up and I had to scramble up, I have never looked so unattractive in all my life. 

It was a pretty cool picture though so in the end it was all worth it, till I rembered I had to get down. I wanted to jump but my mum didn’t like that so I had to slither done the front of it, and I still managed to hurt myself. 

We had the Van Gough museum booked for eleven and his artwork was beautiful, we was not aloud to take photos so I’ll give you a little run down on some pieces I loved. First up is Avenue of Poplars in Autumn, it was a single woman walking back and she had this haunting look to her, I was entranced by it. Next is one of his many self portraits, but this one was full of vibrant colours and it was warm and then you looked closer into his eyes and he looked tortured. Last is the Spanish dancer, I loved this one as it reminded me of Camila Cabello. Who has seen the Havana music video?!!

We then went for some lunch at Vondel Park 3, it was a nice food place in Vondel Park. 

I had a tuna salad sandwich which was really nice, the bread was super filling but tasty. It had a nice atmosphere, it wasn’t too busy and it wasn’t too quiet, the waiters were lovely and super friendly. If you are ever in Vondel Park eat there, you won’t be disappointed. Plus you have the beautiful view of the park. 

Also booked was Anne Frank’s Huis which we could also not take photos in but it was better that way as you want not stuck behind a screen, you could expireince it without the constant need to snap a photo every five senconds. 

We started off in the office, then we began to slowly make our way up till we was met with the bookshelf. I was fascinated with the bookshelf as this was the very thing that kept the families away from the evil clutches of the Nazis, they were hidden in plain sight. Margot’s room was my favourite especially all the celebrities pictures she had on the wall. Then slowly we began to hear some stories, Anne’s words and everything I knew about her began to fit together. My mum said that she was wiser beyond her years and I could not agree more. Finally there was a little exhibition and loads of celebrities and people who visited the place spoke about her, including John Green.

We then sat down at a bar for a bit for some drinks just to rest as it’s tiring walking around a city all day. Then we went for dinner, are you guys ready for this! At an authentic Dutch restaurant! Called Moeders which translates at mothers I think I told you guys that before. Anyways I decided to go for a vegetarian stamppot.

Now I didn’t love what I ordered and I only ended up eating the vegetables, I don’t think Dutch food is for me as I’ve a small appetite. All the mashed potato was mixed with beetroot which is a strong flavour so if you don’t like it you won’t eat it. But moving on to some better news me and my mum decided to share a dessert, Dutch Apple Pie and omg it was amazing! It tasted so good that I even forgot about what I first ordered, I definitely recommend the pie as it is the best dessert I have ever had.

So for some reason not al my photos have loaded which is so annoying, I’m going to be posting them on my Instagram: libertysfreedomblog if you’d like to check them out. Vaarwel.