A short poem

This is a short poem by me! Yep I know It is something extremely different, and no I can’t write poetry I just decided to share this with everyone. So tell me what you think as if you guys like it maybe I’ll share some more of my poetry. I also decided to release some as Rupi Kaur’s new book is out, so I thought I’d do a little post in honour of that, enjoy! Also I promise that I’ll get the other blog nomination post up by Friday.

Your blonde hair reminds me of the sand I tread.

Slowly burning my soles till I can’t stand the pain.

Although I’ll never stop walking on the sand, even though it’s killing me.

Just so I can can watch the view of the sea rushing in unpredictably at my feet.

Like you, how you can talk to me one day and the next you are ignoring me like we’ve never met.

Yet I still stay, because the sand can cool and the sea can calm.


4 thoughts on “A short poem

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